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Hello and welcome to The Housewife’s Redemption, a blog originally written to track the progress of my job search as a fifty plus year old woman who last worked when computers were chewing on punch cards. Also, in the blog’s beginning, I hoped to throw light on the economic woes of 2009 and be a voice of reason and encouragement as well as to offer a cooking or laundry tip or two. However, the economy was worse than even housewives could predict and, contrary to rumors aflutter today, has probably, maybe, can’t-really-tell only gotten worse in a bad sort of way. (Yet, compared to the rampant, horrific violence of 2015 & 2016 any economy at all could be considered a bright spot.) Anyway, not only was my kitchen wisdom of 2009 totally disregarded by Oprah and CNBC’s Jim Cramer as well as certain people in the White House, I failed in my personal pursuit of finding a job. It was a genuine and complete failure if you don’t count my brief stint as a copywriter for a Russian virtual hooker business. (My job was to tell clients that their encounters were in fact not real-live hookers and therefore the company was not actually responsible for their satisfaction. I know. Sleazy. And apparently my payment was just as virtual, as in virtually nothing.) Anyway, dear friends, sometime in 2010, I put a temporary lid on the job search and turned my attention to writing about my rather ordinary life and the life of my children and pets.

Later, remarkably, I was employed for a time. It was a mere 6 months but the job took me far away from my laundry room across the wide world to Shanghai. Really. No, really. Fortunately, in the summer of 2012 the Chinese economy coughed and sputtered (easy to predict from the other side of my Cuisinart). And not really willing to witness yet another econ 101 case study on stupidity and greed, I took my leave and instead spent a few hot July days moving rocks around my backyard with a broken shovel. An effective balm (and marvelous metaphor, you might say) to soothe indigestion caused by Chinese food and several years of frustration.

Since then, my family has accomplished much and experienced a lot. My husband retired little more than a year ago. I thought about making that a new blog theme, but frankly his retirement has been too treacherous a topic for me; in other words the experience has lacked any humor. (Confucius say—Husband retire early; Wife run away.) Moving on, our son, Alex graduated from Emory with a Math and Linguistics degree and now is pursuing stardom as a singer-songwriter. Our daughter, Analise, earned her Master’s in Finance at SMU—the first of her generation on either side of the family to receive a graduate degree and, as she likes to point out, the only one in our immediate family to have a real job. (Good, maybe she can hire her mother or at least pick up the lunch tab. Even better she can hire her father. ) Kyle the cat is still kicking, although our other two pets have kicked the bucket. Now Kyle is keeping young by sprinting up the stairs ahead of our precious labradoodle puppy, Percy. Percy has earned her AKA Good Citizen certification and we are off twice a month to bring cheers and silliness to people who need both.

And me? Well, housewives grow old but we never give up; instead we just strengthen our relationships with our cosmetic dermatologists…

Now if you are curious, bored, or just have time on your hands and would like to peruse the posts of The Housewife’s Redemption below are a few suggestions.

Cheers to all and to all a good day! Y’all come back soon.