The job was on page 38 of’s 40 pages of listings for writer, editor, or whatever. There were 25 jobs to a page. It had been a long time coming. The job posting said that they were looking for SERIOUS WRITERS (All caps. They had to be serious). I double clicked.

 “SERIOUS WRITERS wanted for long term partnerships; ongoing article writing.”

I thought, “I can be serious.” In fact, there are lots of things I feel very serious about—and sometime I will tell you about them. Anyway, I read on,

Writers would produce 500-600 word articles on a variety of subjects, and would be compensated monthly for articles written. Writers could produce as many as 20 articles per day. For each 500 word article the author would be paid $1.”

How much? $1? The obvious question: Canadian or American? $1? You know, I have been somewhat surprised, slighted bemused, pexplexed, befuckled (somewhere between befuddled and you know), and bamboozeled by the chickenpoo that writers get paid, but now I am just plain mad. Longterm relationship? I guess so. We are likely decades away from another Emancipation Proclamation. $1? Can you imagine filing your income tax? You’d owe 33 cents (or my husband thinks since the Democrats are in power, you’d owe 39 cents). The website had a form to complete if you were, indeed, serious about being a SERIOUS WRITER. I really can’t share what I was putting in the blanks, but I am thinking, “Yeah, I’ll write you something for a dollar. I’ll write your obituary for a dollar…” I am sorry, I know that seems a tad fractious, but these are fractious times. $1?